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Ninja Theory’s “Hellblade” Development Diary #1: The Announcement.

"Where possible, we would use real world references, if we could. So for example, I brought in a kitchen knife that was made of handfolded metal. Melina brought in a fox skull that she found on a dog walk. Claire ordered some leather and material samples over the internet for Senua’s dress. And Craig brought in a potato sack."

I know its going to be a while but damn I cant wait to get my hands on this, the ideas and design alone have sold it to me!

(via propertidy)

I kinda want my plans to fall apart this evening so I can play Infamous First Light… That pre-load countdown timer is such a tease!

Yahoo seems to get this show even before production has started, this makes me so fricking happy!

Plus their roundup of season 4 is just masterful! :’)